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Welcome to Hope Springs Ranch's Savanna & Myotonic (Fainting) Goat Website!

   Welcome to Hope Springs Ranch!

 We are located just East of Springfield, MO in Fordland, MO.  Here in Southwest Missouri, we are in the middle of the beautiful Ozarks, just an hour North of Arkansas, an hour and half East of Kansas and Oklahoma.  My name is Tony and my wife's name is Stephanie, and we have a beautiful daughter, Gwen, who is enjoying the goats as much as we are.

    We started in 2006 with one buck and two does because my wife liked the "fainting" aspect of the goats.  After a few months we had to have more.  Our herd now consists of a handful of quality breeding does and a buck.  We enjoy these easy keepers as they are smaller goats that do not climb or jump fences.  They are also worm tolerant, have slower hoof growth and are overall less problematic breed.  However, they take a very long time (3-4 years) to reach maturity and the kids are slow growing as well, which does not help for meat production.

    Several years ago, we bought some Boer does that we bred to our Myotonic bucks, which did produce some faster gowing babies, however, some of them carried the low worm resistant trait of their mothers and we culled them.  The Boer does that we had were a maintenance nightmare compared to my Myotonics, all of them are now gone, with us only retaining a couple doe crosses from them.

    This year, after looking again for a faster growing hardy breed of goat, we came across the Savanna breed.  Most of these goats are pasture raised and are worm tolerant as well.  We are going to be producing some American Purebred Savanna's along with some higher percentage Savanna's too.  We will be doing mostly fall breeding for these goats as they are a faster growing breed and will be ready for the spring markets.  We will also be developing a cross of the Savanna and the Myotonic goats, as time progresses. 

    Our primary goal is to raise field hardy goats that are structurally sound, fast growing and parasite tolerant,  through breeding goats that have proven themselves to be the same.  We are specifically developing a larger, heavily muscled goat that will grow fast and will be as maintenance free as possible.

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Tony Dotson

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